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 Beach Glass Art that gives "the impression in mind stimulation to the brain"

 Beach Glass Art begings from a grain of beach glass . Art that I made ​​use of the great characteristics of the natural beach glass is the Beach Glass Art.  Kamakura Atelier Hoshinoi has been proposed the Beach Glass Art to the theme of "the excitement in mind stimulation to the brain" from Kamakura.

■ Proposal from the Kamakura Atelier Hoshinoi

 Atelier Hoshinoi, we have proposed the fun, such as the following as beach glass art that can be or give a stimulus to the brain in daily life, make an impression on the mind .

  ○ The Hoshinoi Mind Lamp
    Enjoy as lamps which made of colorful beachglasses
  ○ The Beach Glass jewelry   
    Enjoy as accessories
  ○ The beach glass tour
    Enjoy the beach combing

Such as help prevent depression and dementia due to aging, we offer training programs that gives "the impression heart stimulation to the brain".  It should be noted that, as far as we have investigated, beach glass art is the art of how to enjoy a unique nowhere in the world.

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