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 Research the charm of beach glass Institute Beach Glass

 Focusing on material that beach glass, that the characteristics and charm irritating to methods and brain to happily control the stress, we have the research and development of programs that help to healthy aging, such as to give the impression to the heart.

■ What is beach glass

 Original appearance of beach glass is glass products such as bottles. Broken glass product that has been discarded into the sea, sharp corners while rolling the rock will become a soft form. And, these are by being rubbed with sandy seabed along the flow of the tide, the surface looks like frosted glass, shape will continue to change and to form a rounded. In this way, beautiful beach glass is finished. Sea, will be changing the dangerous garbage in jewelry energy that do not generate CO2. Years it takes to become do this, 15 years from large left and right are you but roughly 10 years in the environment it is said to take. When it comes to jewelry level, such as those traded between lovers is like was rubbed in the ocean over the long years of '50 Toka 100 years. These gems to be launched in the world of beach, or is poetically called "mermaid tears (Mermaids Tears)". In addition, beach glass (beach glass) is also referred to as the Seagrass (sea glass), but it is the same thing.

■ 2 single face of beach glass

 Beach glass will show a completely different look at when it was dry and when wet.  
 -When wet
  Surface of beach glass is covered with countless irregularities, but wet and uneven is blocked by water, it becomes moist and marbles.

 -When dry
  Unevenness of the dry and the surface is clear, it becomes glass beads, such as blowing white powder quartz glimpse the face. Also looks like a stone.  

 When I picked up on the beach is but have a beautiful color, I think than many people were disappointed to have become like a stone if you brought back to the house.

■ The color of beach glass

 Colors of beach glass depends on the color of the main in the bottle, which is sea dumping made in the past. Well brown to the eye the original is beer bottle. Light blue cola bottle, white might milk bottle thing but can not be specific because they are used in many products of thick. Color to the other well eyes, yellow-green, green, blue is. In rare cases you may want see yellow, purple.

 ○ Unusual color   does not see you rarely but sometimes pink and red beach glass is washed up on shore.   If it is intact in such colors can be used as jewelry.   Overseas coast you may want to see a rare color beach glass.   

It is the red beach glass collected in Hokkaido Hakodate coast. The color beach glass that has not been apparent in Shonan.   

It is a pink beach glass collected in Hokkaido Hakodate coast. Originally I think that it is the pink of tableware.  

 It is a beach glass of bubbles filled. Originally I think that it is the poor Ramune bottle.  

It is a small beach glass pattern has entered. Originally I think that it is the "Ohajiki".

■ shape of beach glass

 Shape of beach glass, by whether over the years of how much from being dumped and glass products of shapes, such as sea dumping has been bottle, we have a variety of shapes. Beach Glass older then you have rounded, young beach glass still have the corner. In addition, rock, gravel, and is also dependent on the coast of features such as sand.

Beach glass that was collected in the Shonan coast

Beach glass that was collected in the Corsica island in the Mediterranean Sea

 ○ unusual shape
  sometimes beach glass of this shape is washed ashore. Two glass is the beach glass of two-tone color that has been adhered.  

Beach glass that open clean hole

■ beach glass Where can pick up or beach grass, as long as it is a coast condition that was introduced in "The beach glass" are aligned, there is a possibility that has been washed ashore anywhere in the world. In addition, by age and grew up the coast of the characteristics of beach glass, as introduced in to say that the beach glass "shape of beach glass", and there are a variety of beach glass. Also to some thing to become a jewelry material, there is also something to be antic. In has been well managed as the United States and Hawaii Waikiki and the United States-Florida coast, it is difficult to find a beach glass. In the past the resources dump was the location Toka manners of poor tourism, such as customers gather sea and shore, you beach glass was launched well even now. Is over the Miura Peninsula from Shonan coast When is the Japan of this studio will be launched beach glass. It seems to have been launched in other coast, but is not as clear. Supply and demand of beach glass

■ When you think about the supply of beach glass, instead bottle kind from glass to plastic bottles, and, now that has come to advance the recycling of resources, the absolute amount of beach glass to be launched on the coast I seems that has declined. However, the amount of glass products that have been dumped into the sea in the past for the time being because it is huge it is assumed that beach glass is washed ashore. Then if there are a lot of beach glass collectors even beach glass is launched it is in, but much coast demand in the suburbs of the coast, rarely able to stop in the eyes of the people who visited occasionally. Likely to pick up the beach glass prefer the countryside of coast from coast of urban areas mean that is a high likely.

Nice, France coast facing the Mediterranean had launched a lot of beach glass. without people to pick up, just plastic bag once you start picking up will be full. In Nice is the coast of gravel can be collected beach glass that was rugged is.

Nice beach glass b

each glass had been launched on the shore of Spain Mallorca Island

■ High-quality beach glass that can be taken place  
 With high quality beach glass it is that of beach glass that can be used in jewelry. geographical conditions that high-quality beach glass is generated is as follows.  Oki that there is a reef  is and coastal area that is a sandy beach  that is home to a lot of people in the coastal suburbs  in the coastal satisfy this condition, the surface is rounded which became glassy rubbed smooth and beach It seems there is a high possibility of being able to collect the glass.

■ High-quality beach glass beach can be collected   I am introduced to the location where high-quality beach glass of ordinary studio has been selected from the coast who visited in the past can be collected.

2013 Best Beach Glass Beach
2014 Best Beach Glass Beach  

2015 Best Beach Glass Beach  

"Japan and location that could collect the beach glass abroad Kamakura Atelier Hoshinoi Style I am sequentially introduced in "corner.


■ marble also transformed into a beach glass  

 The force of the wave is how amazing I find in the photo of the marble. Original figure does not know glass ball or who had entered the bottle of marble or Ramune abandoned to the sea, but it has become considerably smaller is quite polished. Round glass round shape itself but Na rolling the seabed will become small does not seem to change. glassy marble also clean color I mean in water rubbing.

■ water absorption of beach glass

 The beach glass that has been polished well over the years, there is a high water absorption. Day high humidity and color as wet by absorbing moisture in the air. Photo Beach glass is now wet with 85% humidity. In addition, beach glass is only is clenched, and color by absorbing the palm of sweat.

■ beach glass easily enjoy
  Beach glass to put the water as a way to easily enjoy the beach glass, it is recommended that you enjoy submerged beach glass in it. You will be able to maximize the beauty of beach glass as you can see when you do this. You can also enjoy it refers to the season of flowers in this glass.

  ■ beach glass of water

  The beach glass is submerged in water, it looks like the agar as a look, and shed light. Color of beach glass you are using a white, yellow-green, light blue, is the blue of four colors and show the elegant shades in but water.

■ lamp was floated beach glass
  Beach glass is not float in water, but that you can float in water at little ingenuity. This lamp was lit up the beach glass.

Beach glass that was lit up
■ The shining beach glass
 downright gentle light and shed light on the beach glass. Irregularities on the surface of the beach glass is because to diffuse the light. You show me a completely different face and beach glass to see during the day.

■ fascination of beach glass jewelry

 in the beach glass that many be launched to the coast, there is also something so want to jewelry. Since one by one has become a unique and smooth shape, you can make a different jewelry and accessories of a little flavor and commercial stone for jewelry.  In the studio star well, who features and design that can build up on the beach glass jewelry easily casual use the beach glass even is a decorative technique that together "loose and van wrapping Technology and Design (Loose and Fun Wrapping Technology and Design) " I have developed a.

Decoration technique "loose and van wrapping Technology and Design (Loose and Fun Wrapping Technology and Design)" beach glass jewelry using

Beach glass jewelry

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