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 Health maintenance of body and mind with Beach Glass Therapy

 I think that there are many people who experienced feeling refreshing for many reasons when walking on the coast while being blown by the sea breeze. In the wind blown from the sea, the components of the seawater are vaporized and mixed, which seems to have a positive effect on the human body. This effect seems to be thalassotherapy (marine immunotherapy). If you are walking along the coast, how about walking while looking for a beach glass? The encounter with the beach glasses on the coast walked while blown by the sea breeze is an opportunity for not only the thalassotherapy effect but also the beginning of Beach Glass Art. Beach Glass Art is an art calling "inspiration in the brain, impression in the mind" that makes use of the wonderful characteristics of natural beach glasses. The aim is to make it useful for preventing "relieving stress", "dementia due to aging" and "depression" through art. We named "Beach Glass Therapy" by combining this beach glass art with thalassotherapy (marine immunotherapy).


  Christmas tree made from beach glass.
Enjoy Christmas with beach glass art.
The background is the city hall in the Grand Place in Brussels.

■ Proposal of beach glass therapy (BeachGlassTherapy)

Atelier Hoshinoi is proposing the practice of beach glass therapy that combines thalassotherapy (marine immunotherapy) and beach glass art.
Beach Glass Therapy consists of the following programs.

・ Beach glass hunting
While strolling along the coast, look for beach glasses.
Climate and the environment of the seaside heal stress and tiredness.

・ Creation of jewelery by Beach Glassware
It's an art that can refresh your head and hand even with just one beach glass.

・ Making a Hoshinoi Mind Lamp
It is an art that stimulates the brain and impresses in the mind.
The impression increases by the time taken.

Atelier Hoshinoi offers courses where all beach glass therapy programs can be experienced at the same time.

○ Beach Glass Therapy Experience
In case
Schedule to be held in December Hawaii



  BeachGlassTherapy in Shonan  
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